Monorail Series 48 Paper Cutter / Rotary Trimmer

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  • NO SWIVEL HEAD: Square single chrome rail
  • TRANSPARENT CLAMP STRIP: Allows easy see through positioning of material
  • FINEST QUALITY SHEFFIELD STEEL: Self sharpening precision blades with two way cut
  • IDEAL FOR GENERAL TRIMMING: For most classroom and office materials
  • CUT THESE MATERIALS: Aluminium (0.5mm), Banners, Canvas, Card, Cellophane, Cibachrome, Cork, Corrugated Card, Craft Paper, Crepe Paper, Digital Prints, Encapsulations, Engraving Laminates, Felt, Floor Graphics, Foam (5.0mm), Foil, Hardboard (2.0mm), Heats
Professional Monorail Rotary Trimmer range of 8 superbly engineered machines are the ones by which all others are judged! Over 300,000 are in use worldwide; in workshops, studios, schools and offices, where their robust construction is rigorously tested, day-in, day-out.
  • 2 Way Cut Capacity: no
  • Cut Capacity: 0.06in / 1.5mm
  • Cut Length: 50.0in / 1270.0mm
  • Weight: 24.2lb / 11.0kg
  • Max Cutting Length: 1270
  • Overall Length: 57.0in / 1270.0mm
  • Paper Size: A0
  • Depth: 15.75in / 40.0cm
  • Stand & Waste Collector Available: no