Self Healing Cutting Mat A0 46.75 x 33

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  • Non-slip, non-glare surface
  • Double sided heavy duty 3mm thick
  • One side inch grid w/ 1/8" rule increments
  • Reverse side cm grid w/ mm rule increments
  • Both sides feature 30, 40, 60 degree angle lines, hand for cutting mitres
A 5-layer double-sided, high quality self healing cutting mat measuring 11.75 x 8.25in, which accommodates a full size piece of A3 paper. Superior 5-layer pvc construction self healing surface; returns to its original state after being cut, maintains blade sharpness.
  • Weight: 12.79lb / 5.8kg
  • Depth: 35.43in / 90.0cm
  • Overall Length: 0.0in / mm
  • Cut Capacity: 0.0in / mm
  • Cut Length: 0.0in / mm
  • Max Cutting Length: 0