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Welcome to our Warranty Page.

We want you to be really, really happy.

At Rotatrim US, we pride ourselves on offering the very best products in our category and will bend over backwards to make sure you are totally thrilled with your new purchase. In order to ensure that, we need you to register your products. Don’t worry. It takes no more than two minutes (and that’s if you’re a slow typer.)

You should register any of the products you have bought from us. Simply click the Register button below.

A reminder: Please be sure to keep your original Bill of Sale in a safe place. You will need to submit it with any request for Warranty Service.

Products with a 5 Year Warranty:

  • MasterCut MC Series
  • Pro / Professional M Series
  • DigiTech+ DT Series
  • Technical T Series
  • FoamTech FT Series

Products with a 12 Month Warranty:

  • PowerTech T Series
  • Cutting Mats

These warranties are for manufacturing defects and do not cover damage or misuse. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please reach out to us at

To register your product, please click the button below. 

If you’re visiting this page and you live in another country

If you bought your product from a Dealer in the U.S. but you reside in another country, please know that we will happily service your product but you will be responsible for shipping charges to and from our U.S.-based service facility. Thank you for understanding and remember to support your local dealer.

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