Powertech Series 1850 Paper Cutter / Rotary Trimmer

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  • POWERED TRIMMER: Operation by depressing foot pedal
  • TWO SPEEDS: Choose from two cutting speeds normal (0.5M/sec) or high (1.0M/sec)
  • SELF-LIFTING CLAMP: Mechanism enables a single user to evenly cut large material
  • SHEFFIELD STEEL BLADES: Ultra hard Sheffield D2 "Tool Steel" self-sharpening, precision engineered blades
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Large single square stainless steel guide rail completely eliminates head swivel / Aluminium baseboard, end frames, head and side rule
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The PT1850 is a popular size in the PowerTech ‘PT’ Series range and will power through materials of up to1850mm (73″) in length, large enough to accommodate 2A0 landscape. It is a heavy duty precision trimmer which will cut most flexible materials up to 3.0mm in thickness.
  • 2 Way Cut Capacity: no
  • Cut Capacity: 0.12in / 3.0mm
  • Cut Length: 73.0in / 1850.0mm
  • Weight: 133.5lb / 60.7kg
  • Max Cutting Length: 1850
  • Overall Length: 102.0in / 2595.0mm
  • Paper Size: 2A0
  • Depth: 13.5in / 34.0cm
  • Stand & Waste Collector Available: yes